Monday, January 16, 2012

Venezuela is done with Bankster Court

OPEC Member Venezuela, speaking through Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez, has reaffirmed its intentions to withdraw from the International Center for Settlement of Investor Disputes (ICSID), a minion of the World Bank. Last week Hugo Chavez announced that they were done playing with Exxon Mobil and their crocodile tears regarding Venezuela's nationalization of its petroleum resources. International Business Times reports that the Oil Giant "is seeking billions, but a recent decision by the International Chamber of Commerce ruled more in Venezuela's favor, ordering the country's state-run oil company to pay ExxonMobil $908 million, a sum just above the company's book value of its former assets in the Orinoco Basin."
Sounds to me like Venezuela is going to be the target of yet another coup attempt, like 2002.

Bankster Angry! Bankster Smash!!

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