Saturday, January 14, 2012

The New Yorker on GOP Contenders' Africa Views

In a blatantly ignorant piece on the GOP presidential hopefuls' views on foreign policy on Africa, The New Yorker dismisses Ron Paul as somehow being out of touch by answering that they need "free markets and sound money" and recommending those be the cornerstones of his policy. What the high rollers at the New Yorker fail to grasp in between martini's and mojito's is the effect the Banksters have had on Africa ever since the traditional colonialists were phased out in favor of repressive vassal states like Mobutu's Zaire (now the Congo).

Countries like the Congo should be among the richest on earth, as they are abundant with natural resources. Instead they live in abject poverty while the puppets of the 1% run around in fancy cars, yachts, and learjets. Those puppets happily accept huge high interest rate loans and military "aid" in exchange for things like basing rights, mineral rights, and just downright taking the stuff in lieu of payment on the interest accrued on the country's loans. Nothing gets developed as the money simply gets funneled into military operations, repression of the indigent, and corporate profits. All this "Money" that's been discussed is in U.S. Dollars, the World Reserve Currency. This currency is freely printed at will by a privately owned bank, The Federal Reserve. Idiotic monetary policy on our part results in a few percentage points gained in unemployment, or a big glut of unmanageable debt to be tossed around like a hot potato for 1st worlders in America and Europe. In Africa, it causes their economies to utterly collapse and their native currencies to become worthless. People suffer under hyperinflation.

They get nothing from the big corporations like Monsanto that come in to "develop" farmland and agricultural techniques. They engage in all kinds of shady activities like flood the local markets with GM seeds that cannot reproduce and thus have to be re-seeded at great cost to the farmer each season. The only things being developed are the 1%'rs pocketbooks.

When someone like Ron Paul stands up and explains how he is going to End the Federal Reserve Bank and permanently take away the ability of private banks to coin/print currency, the implications of that are completely lost on the myopic morons in the mass media, so they turn around and fire off questions like "what's your policy on Africa" without a single thought to what the term "Sound Money" actually means and implies. The ripple effects of Quantative Easing (euphemism for printing about a Trillion Dollars out of thin air and cramming into the system) are not at all understood by the hacks in the Mainstream Media. All they care about are sound bites and bullet points they can use to categorize and label people with.

They don't even begin to consider the creation of the US Military's AFRICOM, Obama's intervention in Uganda, or the re-re-invasion of Somalia, and the complete ownership of Nigeria by Royal Dutch Shell (amongst many other examples). They completely fail to see that the race for resources in Africa is in full swing and the neo-cons, neo-liberals, and neo-colonials are jockeying for the biggest pieces of pie. I don't have to remind you of Patrice Lumumba to tell you what will happen to anyone with the temerity to try and establish an actual democracy in any resource rich nation.

So there you have it. The Mainstream Media, as usual, is too stupid, ignorant, and/or complicit in the non-coverage of what Ron Paul's world peace platform actually entails. It's quite simple, nip it in the bud. You follow the money trail all the way to the source, then you eliminate that source of blood money. Once that's gone, not one single Bean, Bullet, or Band-Aid will move a single millimeter. Without the free flowing fiat currency, the whole rotten edifice comes crashing down.

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