Monday, January 16, 2012 fails some more

Today, who is usually decent at giving us a daily roundup of the MSM (although not nearly in the same league as, again fails miserably in their Syria coverage. They post that the Qatari Emir Pushes for an attack on Syria. The monarchy in Qatar, as some of you know, owns Al-Jazeera. What they conveniently fail to mention is that the statement was made over two months ago. This is something that the commenters point out and helpfully provide a link to.'s many failings have been compiled and excoriated by Boilingfrogs in an article by Maidhc O'Cathail which is well worth the read. I still include them on this blog's ticker because as I mentioned, they're a decent place to get a compilation of mass media sources, even if a lot of them are a day or two months old... Margaret Griffis' Iraq Casualty Reports are useful. Try not to read too much into their opinions; however, as I personally got tired of reading Raimondo awhile back because of his steadfast 9/11 denials and propagation of the official lie. How can you trust his reporting on The Empire when he can't even get the Reichstag fire straight in his own head?

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