Monday, January 16, 2012

China looks to replace Iranian Oil

Everyone has their price, for the Chinese it's a decision between replacing Iranian oil or incurring the wrath of The Empire. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was in Saudi Arabia this weekend to discuss more access to their oil. Saudi Arabia, Angola, and Iran make up the bulk of China's oil imports. Iran is eyeballing its Gulf State neighbors suspiciously as it warns about them trying to make up for what the sanctions and embargo take off the market. Meanwhile The Empire plays its usual games, as they are still waiting for Syria to collapse. The provocations keep piling up; however, Iran's No First Strike policy is serving it well so far. Both current and former Mossad chiefs keep saying that Iran isn't an existential threat out of one corner of their mouths, but at the same time engaging in a covert war of assassinations, sabotage, cyber warfare, and terrorism in an effort to provoke a response. As I posted earlier, there is no lack of action going on there in an effort to get the Iranians to lose their cool.

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