Friday, January 20, 2012

Israel's Government is Terrified of Dr. Ron Paul

We have long known that influence is bought and sold in Washington and the mass media. You can't even have a realistic discussion about Washington's so called "special" relationship with the extremely right wing Israeli government of Netanyahu in the mass media. They won't even entertain such discussion. Meanwhile our tax dollars continue to float one of the richest Socialist nations on earth. A nation that has in abundance, by hook or by crook, the best military hardware the United States has or will have (F-35) and a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons. They have some of the best medical care for free, including chocolate massages, and a heavy duty industrial and tech sector. We feed them Billions a year to have massages with snakes while our people starve and get taxed to provide Bonuses for Banksters.

Now we have Dr. Ron Paul who has always been opposed to foreign military aid, scaring the bejeezus out of them. To the point that they have abandoned their usual cloak and dagger games of trying to ignore him, smear him, or otherwise attempt to sideline him in the mass media and have come out swinging hay-makers. Whenever you see a boxer stop jabbing, stop the footwork, and just start swinging wildly; it doesn't bode well for that fighter.

Now we have reports that they've dusted off none other than neocon darling William Kristol to form a "Super PAC" for the express purpose of attacking Ron Paul. They pull ol' Kristol out whenever the establishment needs a blowjob, as I've mentioned before. Since the Congressman's record is near spotless, the best they've been able to come up with is some whining about losing the War OF Terror, and alienating poor defenseless, homeless, and stinking from eating out of the rubbish Israel. They didn't stop there. A top Netanyahu supporter and gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson just cut a check for Five Million Dollars to none other than Rooty Toot Noot Gingrich. Probably in an effort to simultaneously attack Dr. Paul and float The Goldman Sachs Ken Doll as above such petty squabbles when the Newtered One inevitably accedes and endorses him for the nomination. This will, in turn, lead to a very boring presidential race between which Big Bankster Whore fellates Israel sufficiently. Infowars, as usual, hits a grand slam with their coverage. Check the article out here.

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