Saturday, January 14, 2012

Support Independent Artists

Those of you who enjoy hip-hop music may have been finding themselves wondering where the music went. It's all about entertainment, much like the spectacle of what Americans call wrestling. Nothing is what it seems until the autotuner quits working (d'oh!) . I have the antidote for you who are tired of hearing about the same crap over and over again. Check out Immortal Technique and his FREE (yes, that's right FREEE!!!) album, The Martyr. He begins by stating it is your responsibility to burn that album for every motherf-cker you know. The album extirpates commercial hip-hop.

If you want to hear something really different, how about British? The artist Lowkey has delivered a raking broadside with his latest album, Soundtrack to the Struggle. He leaves you dis-masted and adrift, then boards with cutlasses and flintlocks blazing, leaving no prisoners.

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