Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The way it used to be right now and always

We are trapped in the fan fiction realization of an Orwellian nightmare gone horribly wrong,
throbbing to the beat of A Brave New World obliviously simpering away;
marveling at its own perceived magnificence.

From the cradle to the grave we are fed a steady diet of dissembled nonsense.
Everything we are told to do, think, and discuss leads to ultimately one end.
Turning a human being into the symbolic battery: resources, power, and money.
We have been repeating this cycle over and over.

As the transfer of knowledge, wisdom, and truth
from generation to generation fails again and again;
we give rise to an ever greater monstrosity with each passing era.
We can consider it the "Groundhog Day" from hell.
Will it ever end?
If so, will that ending also be our own?

Agustín Barrios - La Catedral - Guitarra César Amaro

Simply Ethereal.
You will be missed dear Maestro.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sibel Edmonds on NATO, Terrorism, 9/11 and Drug Running

Want to hear about a real life Spy Thriller worthy of a Robert Ludlum series?
Check out this video from The Corbett Report. An amazing amount of information delivered by an absolutely amazing person. If you haven't heard of Sibel Edmonds, you owe it to yourself to learn about her.

James Corbett writes:
"In this ground-breaking interview, famed FBI whistleblower and Boiling Frogs Post founder Sibel Edmonds lays out the thread connecting NATO’s Gladio operations to Turkish paramilitaries and ultra-nationalists, and how the operation continues through cooperation with terrorists and the Islamization of Central Asia and the Caucasus. From Abdullah Çatlı’s remarkable life (and death) to the rise of Fethullah Gulen’s $25 billion (CIA-supported) Islamic network to the NATO takeover of the Afghan poppy crop in the wake of 9/11, you won’t want to miss a moment of this riveting conversation."

Please view the whole series here

Prof Michel Chossudovsky: Terrorism with a “Human Face”: The History of America’s Death Squads

Professor Chossudovsky has published an incredibly important piece that needs a great deal of exposure. With events like the recent arrest of American Veteran Eric Harroun things couldn't be more confusing to the Average Joe®. It's difficult to put individual events into perspective when you have incomplete information. We aim to correct that. Our greatest asset is the truth. It's the only thing the Globalists fear. Please take the time to absorb this article. It's well worth your time.

 Image: El Salvador Death squads
The recruitment of death squads is part of a well established US military-intelligence agenda. There is a long and gruesome US history of covert funding and support of  terror brigades and targeted assassinations going back to the Vietnam war. 
As government forces continue to confront the self-proclaimed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA),  the historical roots of  the West’s covert war on Syria –which has resulted in countless atrocities– must be fully revealed.