Saturday, January 14, 2012

Film Recommendation: Under the Bombs

I have recently watched this movie, twice. It is a fine work that begins by giving you a tiny taste of what Lebanon was subjected to in 2006. It moves in unyielding fashion much like the Israeli military did, leaving nothing spared; not children, women, or the elderly. I particularly enjoyed the camera work. Unlike Hollywood, films like this don't give a damn about capturing their stars in the "best light". If the guy decides to pick his nose, that's what gets filmed. If her makeup looks like crap and her face is shiny in the heat, that's what gets filmed. It's raw and will leave you feeling that way at the end. Highly recommended. IMDB rates it highly as well. It is available for instant watch on netflix for those of you who use that service. Also available for order on Amazon for those who prefer to own the disk.

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