Friday, January 13, 2012

99% of Political Think Tanks are Tools

This basement dweller seems to say a grand total of Jack Shit in the entire article. He titles it with a line that's designed to dovetail nicely with the Bankster's standard Iran narrative: "How the West should answer Iran’s nuclear aggression"

He goes right into speaking about the assassinations of Iranian Scientists, then segues into covering his ass:

"Behind all the sound and fury, Tehran is diligently pursuing a three-track policy that involves provocation of the international community and making noises about diplomacy as it relentlessly marches toward the bomb."

This is standard fare. Ray Takeyh is just another propagandist hard at work trying to frame the discussion around an Oil Rich country with the GDP of Massachusetts to sound like they're the ones frothing at the mouth and building a massive World Conquest Sized Military with a "Defense" Budget larger than the Rest of the World. They act like Iran is the one with 58% of its discretionary spending going into the Military

Then Ray plows straight ahead, slathering his article with words to describe Iran like "bellicose", "belligerence", "bluster and threats", "impetuously", and "irresponsibly"... it's par for the course. Idiots like Ray are either too ignorant, too stupid, or too cowardly to write The Truth. As Dr. William Blum has detailed in his wonderfully depressing book Killing Hope, it's beyond obvious who the Belligerent ones are. NOTHING Iran does will make a difference in the "West's" behavior. 

The genocidal maniacs that print World Reserve Currency on a whim cannot abide by anyone or anything that refuses their control. The whole idea is to reduce the target of their machinations down to its most defenseless state, and then march in and take over; as his final line demonstrates:

"Any action that distracts attention from Iran’s illegal behavior only retards the efforts to disarm the Islamic Republic."

Better yet, just find some degenerate mental midget like Joseph Mobutu or Reza Pahlavi. Pump him or her full of billions in "Military Aid", IMF Loans, Training, and all the other accouterments of Totalitarian Rule and then sit back and wait for the state to run out of cash, which takes about 1/2 a day to accomplish at most. 

They'll delightedly take all the natural resources they can suck up into their chortling snouts in lieu of payment for the interest accrued on the massive loans and "purchases" of unnecessary junk like high dollar weapons systems and maintenance contracts.The puppet moron sits upon the backs of the poor and happily simpers away, enjoying his fleets of shiny cars, palaces, and yachts. The Banksters snort and guffaw in their sty's and crack jokes about some stupid ragheads who, as Matt Damon's character in Syriana stated, 100 years ago were running around in the desert chopping each other's heads off and in another 100 years will be back to doing the same thing. 

Mouth breathing jackasses like Ray Takeyh are just the wannabes who spend their entire careers licking 1%'er asses in the hopes that they'll be the next go-to-guy whenever the establishment needs a blowjob, like William Kristol or Jeffrey Goldberg. 

Keep going Ray, maybe someday you'll get to sit in the ashes of another 4000 year old civilization, eating shish kabobs and contemplating how wonderful it is now that they're free and civilized.

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