Saturday, January 14, 2012

SOPA and PIPA Dead? Yeah Right...

CNET is jubilant, stating the DNS provisions of SOPA are being removed and recommending that be done for the PIPA act, both are still in committee. Does this mean they gave up on recreating the internet to be more like Cable TV? Not even close. Remember Citizen's United? This is a battle between industry titans Google and Big Content. Each has their coalition of the willing and each has deep, deep pockets. Congresscritters are the ONLY winners here, as they get to be bombarded with money while they waffle and hem-haw. This isn't even counting all the so-called Cyber-Security Experts (they think any jackass with a CISSP entitles them to claim their company is a Cyber Security Expert) who are clamoring for a "New Internet" where George Orwell would find himself right at home. It's not over, not by a longshot. This is the "new battleground" that's got all the wonks fantasizing. I am just happy that I got to see the Internet born free, like all creatures. It will not live or die free if Banksters and Fascist Government has anything to say about it.

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