Saturday, January 14, 2012

Run up to World War III ?

Contradicting noises are being pumped into the stream of news regarding "The West's" attempts at conquering Iran. This is very similar to the lead up to the Iraq war which began not in 2003, as most of the Kim Kardashian loving, American Idol swilling masses would like to believe, but in 1991. There was a concerted effort at sending mixed signals then which served to confuse Iraq's planners into launching what they thought was a legitimate action. They wanted to re-establish their interests which had been taken from them by the British when they drew imaginary lines on a map and decided to create nations out of thin air, with absolutely zero regard for anthropology; a common problem "the West" has when dealing with anyone who isn't a white boy. That created the very environment required for the so called "Peace Dividend" to turn into military spending on an unprecedented scale. What followed was 20 years and counting of utter devastation and massive slaughter of a 4000 year old civilization, millions dead and not a fucking thing gained for anyone but the 1%.

On one hand you have this story from "sources" which claims Iran is going to perform an underground test of a nuclear weapon in 2012. They go on to state that this is a "Red Line" which will prompt a U.S. response. ORLY? Is that the same "response" that was given to North Korea when it tested its nukes back in 2006? Yeah, we sure taught them a lesson *massive eye roll*.

Next we have the United States making frantic hand waving gestures and pooh-pooh noises at Israel for what they term a false flag operation and the assassinations of Scientists. Then there's the old bat Hillary Clinton oinking fearfully about 20% enriched Uranium at Iran's Fordo facility and grunting about undiscovered "secret facilities". Her aides have probably told her multiple times that it takes 94% enriched uranium to make a weapon, and it's not exactly the difference between having your steak medium-rare and well-done. 20% is used for cancer treatment in the Tehran reactor which WE THE UNITED STATES BUILT FOR THEM. The Atoms for Peace arrangement began both Israel's and Iran's nuclear programs in the 50's (after the Mossadegh overthrow and installment of the Dictator Reza Pahlavi).

Then we get a WSJ article claiming that the US Government is giving Israel a good talking to about launching any attacks of it's own against Iran. Meanwhile Iran sends a stern letter to the White House saying, "Look Dude, this is starting to get annoying". Then you have the Obamanation squealing about how his "olive branch" has been refused. All the while the only thing that keeps happening is Iran's overtures are flatly rejected and the same demands that Iran roll over and play dead keep being re-iterated. Which the Iranians naturally balk at. They are not going to let BP just waltz back in and begin its Kleptocracy all over again.

Why is this happening? I'll tell you why; it's because Syria's Bashar Al-Assad is proving a tougher nut to crack than they thought he would. We've been running terrorists and all manner of coup d'etat machinery into Syria for going on a year now and he hasn't budged. Israel cannot neutralize Hezbollah with a direct frontal assault like they did in 2006, so they have to get the big boys to neutralize Syria with a no-fly zone and Libya style intervention. That way they can flank Hezbollah and attack through the Bekaa Valley. With Hezbollah neutralized and Syria reliably basket-cased, then they can proceed with murdering millions of Iranians.

The Banksters are frantic right now because their time-table is out of whack. The heavy handed sanctions (like the ones on Japan prior to Pearl Harbor as directed by the McCollum Memo) have been premature and are driving them into a war much faster than they had originally planned. Syria isn't neutralized. Any Israeli attack will be met with a freshly galvanized nation, and the soft power regime change apparatchik will be left to hang from the nearest gallows. Hezbollah, far from being neutralized are now more powerful than they were in 2006. In 06' the Lebanese Army just hid in their barracks while Hezbollah fighters crushed the Israeli frontal assault. Of course, the Lebanese people suffered devastation and tragedy.

The situation is dire, my friends, it is winding up to be a catastrophe of epic proportions, especially when the Russians just came out and stated that if there was an attack on Iran, it would be the equivalent of a bunch of stoned and drunk college kids storming the hibernating grizzly bear's cave. Last time someone provoked The Bear, his name was Hitler and it ended badly for him.

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