Saturday, January 21, 2012

Al Qaida/Mossad/CIA operatives vs Iraqi Feds

A Qatari news outlet, based in Houston Texas, reported based upon an Iraqi Interior Ministry statement, on Saturday that 20 operatives of an AQ front called the Islamic State of Iraq were confronted by an unreported number of Iraqi Feds. The sole reported death was one Majid Hassan Ali, said to be the leader. The rest, including two Palestinians, were arrested. The interesting part is what they were caught with:
Federal police officers recovered magnetic “sticky bombs”, roadside bombs, and several bags of explosives, as well as weapons and ammunition as a result of the operation, according to the statement.
Magnetic Sticky Bombs? Now that rings a bell, doesn't it? Since Al Qaida, the CIA, MI6, and Mossad are all pretty much the same damn thing, we know who's running the show there. This is the same shit they pull all over the world, the same guys who we're told were behind 9/11...

Are gears beginning to turn yet?

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