Monday, February 20, 2012

Timeless Entropy

my soul burns with a fire unknown to mankind
I tremble with the fury of tectonic mass
held in check only by my own devices
a crescendo of molten agony courses through me
searing every facet with indelible rage
I beg my soul to set itself free,
to unleash the frustration of a thousand djinn,
seducing the very foundations of existance
woven through the fiber of my being,
As entropy consumes all that is, all that ever was
my voice echoes through time with thundering cries of a trillion lost souls

decayed minds buried in forgotten sands
the thoughts of it fade...
there was never an escape from this eternity
collecting what can be found of memories
scattered like broken seashells
in an ocean of shattered dreams
What once was, has been long simmering
in the crucible of forever and everything.
Answers which once consumed millions in the seeking
float cast aside like so many broken toys.
Time only has meaning as a pressure gauge
counting the eons on the rise
adding the mass of a billion stars in the blink of an eye

tug the string,
loosen the bonds I have imposed upon myself
and hidden from the eye
feed upon the nectar of my delight
as the fear of untold nightmares
throb incessantly in your mind
remove the binds that keep me
embrace the oblivion which you will find.

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